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Ibanez St. Residence

Two brothers asked us to create a new home. They are in the stage of moving out of the parent’s home. One is starting his own family, while the other wants his own space. Both would still want to live together, and have space for their parents. It’s their way of taking the lessons they learned from their old home, and finding improvements and adding technology into this one.

POLYGON Project Ibanez Residence
  1. How do we keep multiple families staying together without getting on each other’s nerves?
  2. How do we unify the different tastes, requirements, and quirks of each family member into a coherent architectural expression?
POLYGON Project Ibanez Residence
POLYGON Project Ibanez Residence
The Process

Building a house is a very personal undertaking. We had to learn about the family, and how they lead their everyday lives, what are important spaces they need to have? How much privacy do they individually need? And where can they gather?

By understanding this, we were able to provide a streamlined design that creates zones within the home. The zones are tailored to their family’s activities, so that they have areas to casually bump into each other, and areas where they can recharge.

The materials we chose were deliberate in creating the zones. Rough stones and concrete provide the transition from the busy street to the house. Wood and warm lighting show the way in. Polished and lighter versions of stones and wood take over the domestic areas. The movement within spaces enhanced by the materials, and a restrained expression in the architectural form, aim to evoke a sense of warmth and calm that we wanted the family to feel as they arrive home.

Project Information

Program: A home for three generations and three families.

Location: San Juan City

Size: 360 sqm. lot, 1,200sqm. building

Client: Private

Design Team: Tim Wong, Marianne Wong, Zarah Eco, Schuyler Lo

Does your family have a similar requirement?