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Pink Peony Nail Salon

Pink Peony is a nail salon that wants their space to imbue the warmth of a modern Filipino home to its customers. “Maaliwalas,” an attribute many Filipinos use to describe a light, airy, and fresh sensation in a space; a comfortable setting, and pampered professional service, are what will define the customer’s experience.

The first branch was originally near a residential area which gave its unique home-style feel, how do we achieve that within the confines of a mall?

POLYGON Project Pink Peony
  1. What are elements that make the brand unique?
  2. How should this brand express itself from a residential to a mall setting?
  3. How do we keep it feeling cozy while somehow also showcasing the service to passersby?
POLYGON Project Pink Peony
POLYGON Project Pink Peony
The Process

To keep the experience authentic meant understanding the value that made customers come back. A cozy ambiance, professional service, and a curated collection of nail polish are what makes them different, and those were the features we put to the forefront.

The combination of traditional materials: rattan weaving, linen curtains, in contrast with solid surface, gold, and plants created a sense of elegance and warmth. Keeping the spirit of the place alive, we were able to help them transition their space into a mall setting.

We did get feedback that some customers would fall asleep while being served. This was a good thing.

Project Information

Program: Premium nail salon with private room

Location: Quezon City

Year Completed: 2016

Size: 54 sqm.

Client: Pink Peony Nail Salon

Design Team: Marianne Wong, Tim Wong, Zarah Eco

Partners: Maximus Built Solutions Inc.

Photo: Daniel Coquinco and Shem Coquinco

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