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Zix Performance

Our client had a passion for cars, at first modifying his own, then slowly applying this knowledge to others. As his expertise grew, so did the customers. In 2016, Sir Zix as he was known to the Montero Sport Community, set out to provide a more professional venue to serve his customers, and a workplace for his team.

A fascinating discovery for us is finding out that once upon a time, an automotive repair shop was built on the site. Zix Performance came full circle with the street’s history.

POLYGON Project Zix Performance
  1. How can we best maximize this property to fit the requirements?
  2. How can the design be recognizable but still feel like it’s part of the street?
  3. What materials are robust enough to withstand the daily activities?
POLYGON Project Zix Performance
POLYGON Project Zix Performance
POLYGON Project Zix Performance
The Process

The company was young and needed a bit of flexibility with their space program. The main priority was having space for the cars and equipment.

To formulate its design, we took cues from the neighboring structures. Adding to that, our building was facing west, so we were very conscious that we needed to protect it from the sun. Manila is notoriously known for it’s flooding so we also had to elevate the structure without sacrificing the functions they needed.

The main materials had to be concrete and steel. They needed to withstand the grease, heat, and other daily activities. At the same time, it can be grungy and still keep its character.

Project Information

Program: Automotive repair shop

Location: Manila City

Year Completed: 2016

Size: 150 sqm.

Client: Zix Performance

Design Team: Tim Wong, Marianne Wong

Photos: Tim Wong (exterior), Shem Coquinco

The specifications were executed well. Expectations were exceeded, Polygon was able to provide value through their insights. Service was very good and they were able to execute our vision very well. The whole process was smooth from design to turnover of the project.
Zix Performance

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