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Pediatrician's Clinic

Our client is a pediatrician who was able to lease a space in Metro Manila’s top hospitals. It’s a great location however, it was a tight area and she needed to maximize its utility while still giving a warm atmosphere for her patients.

POLYGON Project Pediatrician Clinic
  1. How do we make the space feel expansive and friendly, especially because our client will serve kids and their worried parents?
  2. How do we maximize the usage of the small space?
  3. Being next to another clinic, how do we address the noise that might come from there? Plus pediatricians deal with lots of crying kids.
The Process

Choosing the right materials communicate the emotions of a space. By using light wood and a relaxing teal shade, the space could easily calm the weary hearts of the patients (our doctor’s Mac Book skin being the exact shade was a happy coincidence).

To maximize the space, our examination module had to be a multi-purpose wonder. It’s an examination table, storage, refrigeration area, and a kid’s corner. By carefully understanding our doctor’s activities and priorities, we were able to help her organize those into a workable module. Even our accent had functionality, we introduced foam wrapped in synthetic leather  to help with managing the noise, plus it is easy to maintain. 

The elements within the space were designed to be fabricated outside so we can minimize construction and disturbance in the hospital.

Project Information

Program: Pediatrician’s clinic

Location: Metro Manila (as per doctor’s professional code we cannot disclose the hospital)

Year Completed: 2017

Size: 15 sqm.

Client: Private

Design Team: Marianne Wong

Photos: Daniel Coquinco and Shem Coquinco

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