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The Wholesome Table Alabang Town Center

A new branch of the Wholesome Table is their venture to an area farther from the comfort zone. Compared to the faster paced crowd of the previous ones, this new location had a more relaxed pace to it. To push the envelope further, this is located in a stand-alone part of the mall complex, with a 5-meter high ceiling.

POLYGON Project The Wholesome Table ATC
  1. How can we introduce this brand to a new locale, and how does this become part of the story?
  2. Seriously, that ceiling is tall.
POLYGON Project The Wholesome Table ATC
POLYGON Project The Wholesome Table ATC
POLYGON Project The Wholesome Table ATC
The Process

The space had its own characteristics that helped direct our design. The huge ceiling and open windows are unlike what we previously encountered, and so we were able to introduce new elements.

Working with Craftsmith Guild, we conceptualized this space to be a barn with huge trusses that run the whole span of the room. Still staying true to the brand’s DNA and introducing a bold move, we were able to (quite literally) expand how people experienced this restaurant.

Project Information

Program: Restaurant serving premium organic food

Location: Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Year Completed: 2018

Size: 184 sqm.

Client: The Wholesome table

Design Team: Marianne Wong, Tim Wong, Zarah Eco

Partners: Craftsmith Guild, GSnP

Photo: Kitty Bunag

Is your company exploring new territory to setup a space?