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The Wholesome Table Greenbelt Branch

Located in one of Makati’s upscale malls and along a row of the city’s top restaurants, The Wholesome Table’s Greenbelt branch offers various dining experiences from an al fresco area, to a more intimate mezzanine seating. We are yet again adding new chapters to their brand’s story.

  1. What are new experiences this branch can offer and a look to compliment the mall’s aesthetic?
  2. Having a mezzanine is a new challenge, how does this integrate into the experience and how is this going to affect operations?
  3. Being in a row of great restaurants, how do can we set this branch apart?
The Process

For a location like Greenbelt it will be difficult to stand out without first having an established brand presence. Thankfully, at this stage in their growth, The Wholesome Table has been consistent with its vision, and for us it was only a matter of staying true to that.

The site with a mezzanine proved challenging, because going up a flight of stairs to dine is not the most appealing offer. There had to be a reason people went up. So with Craftsmith Guild we created one of The Wholesome Table’s most intimate space ever (we actually like eating up there). We helped the operations address their concerns to make the service feel seamless since the kitchen was on the ground, but as of writing this, it’s kind of their secret.

Each site offers its own flavor. With Greenbelt, there was an existing mezzanine and an outdoor space. Embracing what seems to be constraints and turning them into features is what helps us continuously create new dining experiences.

Project Information

Program: Restaurant serving premium organic food

Location: Makati City

Year Completed: 2019

Size: 230 sqm.

Client: The Wholesome table

Design Team: Marianne Wong, Michiko Cayno

Partners: Craftsmith Guild, GSnP

Photo: Kitty Bunag

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