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PBSP Head Office

PBSP is the largest business-led NGO focused on creating solutions for problems in the society. They work with various international and local agencies to achieve this.

In 2021, they will celebrate 50 years and just the right time to refresh their company’s workspace. The goal was to create a collaborative and energetic working environment.

  1. Introduce a more collaborative work environment and get the office space up to date with new ideas.
  2. Update the general look and feel of the workspace while staying to the core of the company.
  3. Attracting new people while also respecting the views of those who have been with the company for many years.
PBSP Diagram
PBSP Diagram
The Process

We conducted an interview session with their team and several alignment meetings to get the combination right. We mapped out the interactions, the features people wanted, and their daily activities.

From here we were able to come up with a plan that would help optimize the connections between the team, and create collaborative spaces where most of them intersect.


Our team went on a deep dive to discover the values and functions that made this company stay strong for the past 50 years, so the design can evolve from their core.

In collaboration with the managers, we were able explore new space configurations and features that they previously didn’t consider.

The conversations allowed us to optimize the connection of each department for increased efficiency and functionality.

By designing rooted on the company’s goals and values, the spaces feel familiar and upgraded for long time staff. The renewed energy shows that they are open to fresh talent. PBSP’s new core headquarters is ready to face the future.

Learn more about PBSP:

Project Information

Program: Head office for core team

Location: Mandaluyong City

Year Completed: 2020

Size: 400 sqm.

Client: Philippine Business for Social Progress

Design Team: Tim Wong, Marianne Wong, Ivy San Andres, Schuyler Lo, Rae Flores​

Photos: Tim Wong

It was important that the design was anchored on our needs and preferences. The process of consulting with various units was very important and helpful. I appreciate the open and productive exchange of ideas facilitated by the Polygon design team.

The balance between flexibility and prudent cost management were much needed inputs during the execution phase.

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