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Taqueria Franco

Taqueria Franco is where tradition meets innovation. The concept explores the question: what if tacos were done by French-trained chef, Miko Calo?
Together with the visionary mind of her cousin RJ Galang, and the F&B expertise of consultants Beyond the Menu, we embark on an epicurean adventure.
It’s an inventive take on time-honored flavors, set in a restaurant that serves as a playground for creativity, where guests are invited to relax and experience tacos with a French twist.

Taqueria Franco Entrance
  1. How can we present this new concept that allows it to stand out from the crowd?
  2. Being in an old building, how do we introduce modern requirements while working around the limitations of the infrastructure?
Franco-Exterior Before
Franco-Interior Before
Franco-Interior Before 2
The Process

Designing Taqueria Franco was akin to facing a blank canvas. The development of the restaurant, brand, and menu was a synchronized process. There was even a meeting where the playlist was carefully curated and shared. This approach allowed us to craft a cohesive and immersive guest experience.

One of the significant challenges we encountered was adapting a modern restaurant to an older building. First, there was the issue of the low ceiling. To overcome this, we employed a compression-expansion technique that visually increased the perceived height of the space. We then introduced various seating configurations to add depth and interest, creating pockets within an open space.

And then it was adapting the space for a kitchen to meet the demands of the innovative concept. Working hand in hand with operations and fabricators, we meticulously balanced infrastructure capabilities with equipment availability. The result? A high-performing kitchen fit for our exceptional culinary team.

POLYGON Concept for Franco Exterior

The outcome of the process was an industrial atmosphere that would neither lean towards Mexican nor French influences, providing a neutral backdrop that would let the food shine. Inspired by taco, we incorporated materials like clay and metal, essential for its creation, into the space’s design.

The clients recognized that their concept was new and uncharted territory, so we collaborated with them to create a space that would make guests feel instantly at ease, as if they were stepping into an experience that had always belonged.

Project Information

Program: Restaurant design for taqueria with French style kitchen

Location: Makati city

Year Completed: 2023

Size: 100 sqm.

Client: Taqueria Franco

Design Team: Marianne Wong, Tim Wong, Hazel Abrigon, Russel Bulosan

Construction: Medavis Builders

Photos: Jar Concengco

Franco Exterior Night

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