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Group & Boiler Coffee Co.

This coffee shop’s story is, for lack of a better analogy, like a phoenix rising. And if reviving a brand isn’t hard enough, all this happened while quarantine restrictions of 2022 were in place. The new management saw the potential, and against the odds was able to pivot the business. Group & Boiler not only went back to life, but came with a new set of offerings and an elevated experience for its coffee-loving community.

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  1. How can we maximize the limited space to meet the new requirements like a full kitchen, roaster, and extra seats?
  2. Being established in the community, how can we keep a sense of familiarity while telling the people, it’s moving to the next level?
Image of Group and Boiler before renovation
Image of Group and Boiler before renovation
Image of Group and Boiler before renovation
The Process

We began by auditing what was the brand’s identity and what elements of the space customers gravitated to. In our process, it is important to establish a baseline, so we know which parts to improve and which to remove.

Understanding the flow of operations is critical in such a small 50 sqm. footprint (which was expanded to 80sqm. by adding a mezzanine). We ensured that the staff could move and serve efficiently while providing a comfortable experience for the customers. To achieve this, spaces were zoned strategically to prevent collisions ensuring a smooth experience for both groups.

To maintain familiarity, we preserved items like the art and some previous finishes which we found appealing. We then merged those with the new concept. We then merged these elements with the new concept, which expanded upon the mid-century inspiration from the previous branch.

Perspective view
Perspective View

The concept evolved from the previously established design language. We utilized colors to reflect the functions while creating a playful and vibrant atmosphere that aligned with the new management.

We were able to merge the old and new by staying true to the original concept, using it to guide the the design direction.

Project Information

Program: Cafe serving specialty coffee and comfort food

Location: Muntinlupa City

Year Completed: 2022

Size: 80 sqm.

Client: Group and Boiler Coffee Co.

Design Team: Marianne Wong, Tim Wong, Hazel Abrigon

Photos: Jar Concengco

Image of Group and Boiler bar

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