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Corporate Headquarters

A company in the beauty and wellness industry approached us to create their new headquarters. They’ve been in business for 15 years, and as their company is projecting growth in the years to come, they needed a space to do just that. A place that serves as a hub for their team, franchisees, and new trainees wanting to be part of their journey.

POLYGON Project View of the Building Exterior
  1. Our client is in the beauty industry, how to we allow spaces feel refreshing?
  2. How do we keep the team connected, without cramming them into one space?
  3. How do we create a welcoming environment that reflects the company’s persona?
Diagram of departments and their relationships
Diagram of concept
Diagram of floor area
The Process

For every organization, we start with understanding how each department interacts with one another. We then establish how strong their link needs to be and then create pathways for them to connect. By designing inside out, we create spaces that compliments how the organization operates.

We designed zones and injected meeting rooms where departments connect, and in the middle of the building is an atrium. This allows each department to work, and still keep them connected. The atrium also fills the heart of the building to enhance the feeling inside the space.

The site is situated in a mixed zoning locale, and the architecture is meant to be part of that. Although the company had a very vibrant brand, we decided to pour all that inside. We kept a simple facade where the only defining feature is the glass accent that subtly communicates who they are.

Project Information

Program: Corporate office for a franchising company with cafe, guest area, training area, and activity area for the staff

Location: Mandaluyong City

Size: 600 sqm. lot, 1,800sqm. building

Client: Private

Design Team: Tim Wong, Marianne Wong, Rae Flores, Hazel Abrigon, Michiko Cayno

Does your company need to move into your own building?