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Kanto, a Manila-based magazine for modern creatives talked to us about the story behind The Henry Resort Dumaguete. In this wonderfully written in-depth feature, we talk a lot about the details, our process, the materials used, even the landscape.

Image from Kanto

An excerpt on The Henry’s other properties:

The contrast between the Cebu and Manila hotels is stark, but they both achieve the same effect—an immersive and esoteric experience that helps guests escape the roughness of the urban environment. The main difference lies in the cohesion of the final design, from which a clearer narrative emerges. For their newest hotel in Dumaguete, the Henry repeated the formula from their Manila hotel, setting their sights this time on a decades-old resort that they transformed into a hospitality and leisure destination.

They asked me about the brief

“There was an emphasis on staying connected to the past but also introducing new elements to make it interesting and dynamic,” says Tim Wong of Polygon, the architecture firm brought in for the project.

And here’s my answer when they asked about our approach to the situation

“It was important to balance the intrinsic characteristics of the building with the potential use; if there will be too much alteration or retrofitting that needed to be done, it won’t be practical anymore,”

The Kanto team did a rally great job telling the story, follow the link to read more: Kanto: Tropical Revival