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PBSP is the largest business-led NGO focused on creating solutions for problems in the society. They work with various international and local agencies to achieve this.

This project was done in two phases, the first being the office for the core team, and this new space is dedicated for the project team of ACCESS TB.

PBSP Open cafe
  1. How do you design an office during a pandemic with all the protocols and limitations?
  2. Make the spaces feel open and safe, keeping in mind new protocols, while staying practical with the features.
  3. Create a shared language with the core office and make sure the spaces can flow seamlessly.
PBSP Diagram
PBSP Diagram
The Process

Similar to our previous work with PBSP, we conducted an interview session with their team. Although given our limitations, we had to do it virtually. We mapped out the interactions, the features people wanted, and their daily activities.

From here we were able to come up with a plan that would help optimize the connections between the team, and create collaborative spaces where most of them intersect.

Image PBSP Office
Image PBSP Office

PBSP’s ACCESS TB Office is the second phase of a two-part project, and connects to the core office.

To make the space more effective, we learned about what made the organization matter to their staff, mapped their interactions, and their daily duties. Then we had to learn what the organization valued so we can translate those into elements in the space.

Through the process, we learned how much interactions an organization like this needed to make on a daily basis, a central hub to manage the team was vital. Since they handle grants and donations, a well-designed office is a reassuring space for building relationships with benefactors and more importantly, providing the team a place to feel they belong.

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Learn more about PBSP:

Project Information

Program: Head office for core team

Location: Mandaluyong City

Year Completed: 2022

Size: 800 sqm.

Client: Philippine Business for Social Progress

Design Team: Tim Wong, Marianne Wong, Schuyler Lo, Hazel Abrigon, Zarah Eco

Photos: Jar Concengco

[POLYGON] was able to provide the solutions. One of the decisions we made for this space was to retain the original team [with POLYGON].

We were satisfied with the level of service of POLYGON provided.

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